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ENT Long Beach, CA



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ENT Long Beach, CA

Find an ENT Otolaryngologist in Long Beach, CA to treat illnesses of the ear, nose and throat.

Results for Long Beach, CA

  • Ayal Willner, MD
    410 Points

    Ayal Willner, MD

    433 E. Wardlow
    Long Beach, CA 90807
  • Nina Yoshpe, MD
    410 Points

    Nina Yoshpe, MD

    433 E. Wardlow
    Long Beach, CA 90807
  • Caitlin Bertelsen, MD
    150 Points

    Caitlin Bertelsen, MD

    433 E. Wardlow
    Long Beach, CA 90807
  • Marissa Schwartz, MD
    150 Points

    Marissa Schwartz, MD

    433 E. Wardlow
    Long Beach, CA 90807
  • Namrata Varma, DO
    150 Points

    Namrata Varma, DO

    433 E. Wardlow
    Long Beach, CA 90807
  • Ben Buchholtz, MD 130 Points

    Ben Buchholtz, MD

    2840 Long Beach Blvd Ste 365
    Long Beach, CA 90806
  • Jesus Tan, MD 100 Points

    Jesus Tan, MD

    2865 Atlantic Ave
    Long Beach, CA 90806
  • Hassney Hamood, MD 90 Points

    Hassney Hamood, MD

    2690 Pacific Ave Ste 220
    Long Beach, CA 90806
  • Vaughn Nixon, MD 90 Points

    Vaughn Nixon, MD

    Southern California Ear Nose
    3650 Atlantic Ave
    Long Beach, CA 90807
  • Timothy F Kelley, MD 80 Points

    Timothy F Kelley, MD

    2600 REDONDO AVE
    LONG BEACH, CA 90806
  • John W Thomas III, MD 40 Points

    John W Thomas III, MD

    1703 TERMINO AVE STE 210
    LONG BEACH, CA 90804
  • Vaughn B Nixon, MD 10 Points

    Vaughn B Nixon, MD

    LONG BEACH, CA 90807
  • Ben D Buchholtz, MD

    Ben D Buchholtz, MD

    4100 LONG BEACH BLVD STE 200
    LONG BEACH, CA 90807
  • Norman Cantor, MD 140 Points

    Norman Cantor, MD

    Norman F Cantor Inc
    Distance: 6.3 mi
    1300 W 6th St
    San Pedro, CA 90732
  • William Cervantes, MD 100 Points

    William Cervantes, MD

    Distance: 6.44 mi
    1050 W Pacific Coast Hwy
    Harbor City, CA 90710
  • Kesenee Chaiyaphruk, MD 100 Points

    Kesenee Chaiyaphruk, MD

    Kaiser Permanente Clinic
    Distance: 6.44 mi
    25965 Normandie Ave
    Harbor City, CA 90710
  • Jo-Anne Higa, MD 100 Points

    Jo-Anne Higa, MD

    Kaiser Permanente Clinic
    Distance: 6.44 mi
    25825 Vermont Ave
    Harbor City, CA 90710
  • Alen Cohen, M.D., F.A.C.S.
    570 Points

    Alen Cohen, M.D., F.A.C.S.

    C/V ENT Surgical Group
    Distance: 6.48 mi
    7345 Medical Center Drive, Suite 510
    West Hills, CA 91307
  • Jerome Vener, MD 320 Points

    Jerome Vener, MD

    West Valley Ear Nose & Throat
    Distance: 6.48 mi
    West Hills, CA 91307
  • Jerome Dickman, MD 140 Points

    Jerome Dickman, MD

    Jerome I Dickman Inc
    Distance: 6.48 mi
    7230 Medical Center Dr Ste 604
    West Hills, CA 91307
  • Abraham Tzadik, MD 70 Points

    Abraham Tzadik, MD

    Distance: 6.48 mi
    4640 ADMIRALTY WAY STE 1020
    MARINA DEL REY, CA 90292
  • Lawrence E Stein, MD 50 Points

    Lawrence E Stein, MD

    Distance: 6.48 mi
    7320 WOODLAKE AVE STE 240
    WEST HILLS, CA 91307
  • R P Oppenheimer, MD 10 Points

    R P Oppenheimer, MD

    Distance: 6.48 mi
    23101 SHERMAN PL STE 310
    WEST HILLS, CA 91307
  • Kurtis C Birusingh, MD

    Kurtis C Birusingh, MD

    Distance: 6.48 mi
    WEST HILLS, CA 91307
  • Elias I Ayoub, MD 70 Points

    Elias I Ayoub, MD

    Distance: 6.78 mi
    3650 SOUTH ST STE 202
    LAKEWOOD, CA 90712
  • Maher Sesi, MD 10 Points

    Maher Sesi, MD

    Distance: 6.78 mi
    5750 DOWNEY AVE STE 305
    LAKEWOOD, CA 90712

ENT Info

ENT Summary:
An ENT Otolaryngologist treats afflictions of the ear, nose and throat. An ENT Otolaryngologist typically works in a hospital or clinic. You should see an ENT Otolaryngologist for ailments of the ear, nose and throat such as strep throat or bronchitis.

What is an


A ENT is a physician who treats disorders of the ear, nose and throat and an ENT treats related allergies. ENT is often used in place of Otolaryngologist and stands for Ear, Nose and Throat.

What disorders does an ENT treat?
An ENT treats allergies such as food allergies, allergic ear diseases and hay fever.

What treatments can an ENT do?
An ENT can perform procedures to determine the allergy, such as skin or blood tests. ENTs can also prescribe medications and allergy shots. You can see an allergist or an ENT for allergic symptom treatment.

How do I find an ENT in my city and state?
The directory will help you locate an ENT in your state. Select ENT from the professionals menu and select the state that you are looking to locate an ENT in. After you have located your state, find the city that you will need an ENT in. Select the state and city and you will see a list of ENTs in your city and state.

ENT Related Terms:
ENT Otolaryngologist, ear, nose, throat